A place where smokers are welcome!

Despite potential risks, people who love to ski can feel free to talk about it without fear of ridicule or harassment. Motorcycle enthusiasts create clubs, despite their passion’s potential to lead to instant death. Alcohol is a class-1 cancer-causing carcinogen according to the IARC, yet everyone’s talking about microbrewing in their own basement.

No activity is possible without risk, but smoking is viewed differently.

Thanks to a well-organized and very well-funded worldwide campaign fueled by hatred, bigotry, and pharmaceutical money, the freedom of speech, pride, and camaraderie enjoyed by other groups of hobbyists has, until now, not been afforded to smokers. We have one of the few “risky” hobbies which has become acceptable to destroy. In fact, the entire culture which used to surround smoking has been obliterated, intentionally, by those who profit from doing so.

But now, we have FumaClub. Photos, videos, essays, information and resources can be found here, but more importantly, this is a place where smokers can feel welcome; a cultural center where we can discuss smoking without fear of ridicule or harassment.


GOP Rep: Smoking Ban Justifies Gun Ban

Be against the 21 age limit for smoking because it’s a precedent they want to use against everyone else.

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What the war on vapers proves

The combatants in the war against vapers are the same entities who’ve been trying to crush smokers over the last few decades: astro-turf “health groups,” corrupt “charities,” and paid off politicians working at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, which wants to corner the market on nicotine. This, despite the fact that pharmaceutical nicotine products…

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We were warned!

“Not only a story about the attack on tobacco users but a story about how decent Americans can be frightened, perhaps duped into accepting phony science, attacks on private property rights and rule of law.” Boy, were they right!

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And I Quote, #4

When director Taylor Hackford’s Ray Charles biopic was released, he was attacked by the astro-turf anti-smoking flash mob.

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