Kids smoking and eating sugar and red meat, oh my

As smokers have been warning for decades, restrictions and attitudes against smoking serve as a precedent for everyone.

The risks of smoking are greatly exaggerated to the point of absolute propaganda. Most people don’t realize that sugar, red meat, and alcohol are just as “dangerous” as smoking (or, to put it in a more realistic way, smoking is only as bad for you as sugar, alcohol, and red meat).

That puts people in a really awkward position. When you ask someone if tight restrictions on smoking are a good thing, they’ll usually say yes. When you ask why, they’ll say because it’s addictive and unhealthy. When you follow up by asking them if kids should be allowed to eat sugar, their brain breaks. Ask them if no one under 21 should be allowed to buy or possess sugar. They can’t answer, or they contradict their first point.

This is what propaganda does to people. It dumbs them down and reduces their thought processes to mere slogans.

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