We were warned!

As we mentioned in a previous article, the war against smokers quickly escalated into a war against free choice with the COVID scare that has very likely cost lives. Now we’ve come across a fascinating book published almost a decade before COVID which predicted the anti-smoking industry would steer entire nations into trouble.

From Amazon:

From propaganda released by the Third Reich to legislation passed in more than fifty nations, smoking is one of society’s favorite targets. While the public goes along with persecuting smokers, Theodore J. King is here to tell us why we shouldn’t.

In this book, which does not advocate smoking, King surveys smoking bans in the United States, England, and Ireland, documenting their effects on society and commerce. King interviews many people, including members of the medical community.

King takes his arguments further, showing how and why bans on smoking extend to other areas of our lives—how smokers are only the beginning. Anti-smokers represent an agenda that involves everything from personal property to the way you raise your children, what you eat, and your right to freedom of speech. Authoritarians have willing accomplices in the press and government to take power at the individual’s expense.

Learn how anti-smoking fanatics use tobacco control as an effective form of social engineering. King offers solutions so that smokers and non-smokers can be accommodated in a free society, where it must never be a crime to smoke in a bar, in a car, in the open air, in a restaurant, or at home.

From reviewer Walter Williams, Ph.D:

“The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State is not only a story about the attack on tobacco users but a story about how decent Americans can be frightened, perhaps duped into accepting phony science, attacks on private property rights and rule of law. One need not be a smoker to be alarmed by the underlying hideousness of the anti-tobacco movement.”

Definitely give this book a read.

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