Smoking myths debunked, #3

How many people ACTUALLY die from smoking? The answer will shock you!

What the war on vapers proves

The combatants in the war against vapers are the same entities who’ve been trying to crush smokers over the last few decades: astro-turf “health groups,” corrupt “charities,” and paid off politicians working at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, which wants to corner the market on nicotine. This, despite the fact that pharmaceutical nicotine products…

We were warned!

“Not only a story about the attack on tobacco users but a story about how decent Americans can be frightened, perhaps duped into accepting phony science, attacks on private property rights and rule of law.” Boy, were they right!

Kids smoking and eating sugar and red meat, oh my

When you ask someone if tight restrictions on smoking are a good thing, they’ll usually say yes. When you ask why, they’ll say because it’s addictive and unhealthy. When you follow up by asking them if kids should be allowed to eat sugar, their brain breaks.

Research: Smoking 10 times a day is A-OK

One of Britain’s top experts on the effects of smoking insists it’s fine to smoke 10 cigarettes a day, passive smoking is no problem, and the government is wasting money telling people to quit.

And I Quote, #4

When director Taylor Hackford’s Ray Charles biopic was released, he was attacked by the astro-turf anti-smoking flash mob.

Thanks but Sorry Boys, You Can’t Smoke Here

We now live in an America where the troops who waded through hell storming the beaches of Normandy to help restore liberty to Europe are not even allowed to smoke in their own private veteran’s halls. And based on phony lobbyist science, no less. How would these men have felt had they been told about…

Did You Know?

Japan has one of the highest smoking rates on Earth–yet one of the lowest lung cancer rates, and one of the highest life expectancy rates!

Vintage Ads, #2

Seeing an ad with an athlete (or anyone else remotely admirable) might make a smoker realize that perhaps there is nothing inferior about them after all.

Groups Behaving Badly, #3: Pfizer

Deadly products, bribery, corruption, environmental disasters, tax evasion, human rights abuses, and cover-ups: These are the people responsible for smoking bans.

Think About It, #2

Young people never die from smoking. So shouldn’t smoking be allowed for all young people and not allowed for old people? Better yet, just allow it for everyone!

Always Share (A Link), #2

Scientific journals, health studies, health departments, hospitals, and universities are all susceptible to corruption, but now you can find out who funds them.

And I Quote, #2

Edit “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victim my be the most oppressive… Those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” -CS Lewis

Groups Behaving Badly #1: The Pharmaceutical Connection

Anti-smoking groups like the American Cancer Society fight to restrict the freedoms of smokers using millions of dollars from pharmaceuticals–an industry whose products, overall – when taken as prescribed – kill one American every five minutes. And many are said to cause cancer!

Vintage Ads, #1

Banning cigarette ads is not only a form of censorship, but also a form of propaganda. When nobody sees people smoking in any media, they are slowly trained into thinking of it as an abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior means “abnormal” people are the only ones who would do such a thing.

History Lesson #1

The world’s first European smoker meets the world’s first anti-smokers…

Famous Figures #1: Coco Chanel

Chanel was a chain-smoking fashion pioneer who lived to be 87, about 10 years beyond even today’s current average life expectancy.

And I Quote #1

“When on occasion I’m asked by groups of aspiring writers what they should do to get on, my advice is always, emphatically, smoke. Smoke often and smoke with gusto. It’s a little known, indeed little researched, fact of literature and journalism that no non-smoker is worth reading. And writers who give up become crashing bores.”…

Health Benefits of Smoking, #1

There are actually numerous little-known health benefits to smoking which have to be weighed alongside potential risks. As efforts in the 60s and 70s to warn people about the then-unknown risks of smoking turned into a frenzy to obliterate smokers from the face of the planet, the health benefits of smoking and nicotine became more…

Does the FDA Work for Big Pharma?

Given that many credible whistleblowers have said, in effect, that the FDA works for the pharmaceutical industry, it becomes less surprising that it spends so much of its time and effort not on proper procedures, but on a continuous campaign against smoking and vaping. The pharmaceutical industry wants to dominate the nicotine market. Nicotine Replacement…

Here’s a Tip #1

When someone attempts to impose their will on you by saying you should quit smoking – or asking when you will quit smoking – just tell them you will as soon as THEY quit all the unhealthy and risky things THEY do. From that point forward, constantly ask them if they’ve quit everything yet!

Pharma to pay $8 billion in punitive damages

One thing we can almost guarantee: anti-smoking groups and “cancer charities,” which are funded by big pharma, will give the pharmaceutical industry a complete pass – for all intents and purposes, they’re paid to look the other way.

Think About it #1

The U.S. Surgeon General says “there’s no such thing as a safer cigarette.” Doesn’t that also mean there’s no such thing as a more dangerous cigarette? So what the SG’s saying is that smoking a cigarette the size of South America is only as bad for you as a normal-size one!

Big Pharma Causes Cancer?

The FDA’s response to cancer-causing pharmaceutical products is VERY different than how it treats tobacco: “It’s fine.”