Think About it, #3

The people today who believe wearing a mask matters because someone on TV told them so without proof... ...are the same people who yesterday believed secondhand smoke kills others because someone on TV told them so without proof. This content is for members only. $2 gets you unlimited access to complete articles, archives, images, videos, … Continue reading Think About it, #3

Covid-19: Bad for you, but VERY Good for Pfizer

U.S. taxpayers forced to give the pharmaceutical giant $2 billion dollars

CDC Caught Lying About COVID – and Smoking, too

Anyone following the CDC's proclamations about smoking over the past couple of decades could have already told you they are liars.

Health Benefits of Smoking, #2: Smoking Likely Protects Against Covid

Upon further investigation, accounting for age and sex, the researchers found smokers appeared to have had some kind of protection against the virus.