And I Quote, #4

When director Taylor Hackford's Ray Charles biopic was released, he was attacked by the astro-turf anti-smoking flash mob.

Did You Know? #2

In 1961, nearly 70% of all males in the United States over the age of 18 were smokers. Just over a decade later, the World Health Organization decided to make them pariahs by way of "secondhand smoke," despite having no studies to back up their claims. This content is for members only. $2 gets you … Continue reading Did You Know? #2

Thanks but Sorry Boys, You Can’t Smoke Here

We now live in an America where the troops who waded through hell storming the beaches of Normandy to help restore liberty to Europe are not even allowed to smoke in their own private veteran's halls. And based on phony lobbyist science, no less. How would these men have felt had they been told about the future of their country?